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September 4, 2020

a day of deep nourishment for the women's health community

Are you running on fumes and dreams?

The pandemic has turned life as we know it upside down.

More than ever, we're uncertain about what each new day will bring, how we'll be able to show up for all the people who rely on us, and whether we'll be able to do it all...

...without fast-tracking our way to burnout (or a breakdown).

You might find yourself...

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that needs to be done.

Doubting your ability to pull off your most audacious goals...so you work even harder to try to busy yourself into feeling confident, only to feel even more drained and less productive.

Working, working, working, with no end in sight.

Craving authentic connection and belonging but feeling too drained to participate in virtual social events or even answer texts from your friends and family.

Feeling scattered, disorganized, and like your head is spinning.

Being exhausted all the time but never feeling like you can fully rest.

Being plagued with uncertainty about the growth trajectory of your business or your life.

Feeling incapable of pouring as much into others because your cup is empty - then feeling guilty for not being able to give as much as you used to, triggering a shame spiral.

Do any of those sound familiar? I thought they might.

You are not alone in this. 

Women's health leaders already give in abundance to their families, friends, communities, careers, passion projects, you name it.

Femtech founders are already intimately familiar with what it's like to hustle their days away, hoping for some traction in a sector stacked against them.

Physicians already know how it feels to be spread so thin that the only thing keeping them going is the knowledge that their patients need them.

Still, the people doing the hard work of making the world a healthier place for all womxn power through every day.

You show up, you work, you march, you advocate, you fundraise, you heal, you hold space and hands, you shoulder the grief and pain of other people and spend your free time figuring out how to help them.

And you do it all with a smile on your face and a glimmer of hope in your heart that the world will become a safer, healthier place for all womxn.

But now...

COVID-19 has thrown us a curveball.

There is no normal anymore.

We're all just figuring it out as we go.

But instead of using this pause to turn inward, to rest and reset, to evaluate what is and isn't working, nearly everyone in the women's health and femtech community that I speak to tells me that they are working more - and harder - than ever, burning the candle at both ends.

Working themselves right into burnout.

Hoping that taking on more projects and staying busier than ever will save the from the overwhelming uncertainty, anxiety, and self-doubt.

Rarely stopping to feel or be, but going full steam ahead.


Here are a few truth bombs for you:

You can't outwork a pandemic.

Burned out, exhausted leaders aren't able to lead their families, teams, or communities effectively.

Your worth as a person is in no way tied to how productive you are.

Instead, imagine feeling...

Deep, unshakeable clarity and confidence that what you're doing matters and is going to make a difference (and make you some money).

Certainty that you're on the right path, one that feels aligned with your core values.

A sense of inner wellness that stabilizes anxiety and self-doubt, creating space for you to work and live as your best you.

Restful sleep, joyful movement, and nourishment that leaves you feeling energized and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

More freedom of your time and energy, so you can do what you're passionate about and prioritize other areas of your life that are meaningful to you.

The Future of Femtech Wellness & Self-Care Summit is a one day event for the leaders in women's health who are tired of being worn out and are ready to start designing a life that feels good.


During the summit, you'll have the opportunity to...


Use advanced lifestyle medicine to heal your hormones, find balance in your day-to-day, and feel your absolute best


Create a sustainable wellness toolkit and action plan that moves you toward your goals by prioritizing your most valuable asset (that's you!)


Create meaningful connections, find deep nourishment, and discover depths of peace within yourself

Who exactly is this summit for?

The Future of Femtech Wellness & Self-Care Summit is for the leaders, the advocates, the healers, the founders, the champions of femtech and women's health.

It's for the entire community of people working hard every day to make the world a safer, healthier place for women.

Work in healthtech but not specifically on a women's health solution? You're welcome here.

Is femtech your passion but not your profession? You, too, are welcome here.

Physicians, clinicians, founders, startup teams, journalists, consultants, and anyone else who is a stakeholder or changemaker in femtech and women's health, this is for you.

P.S. This is not just for womxn. Men are welcome and encouraged to join us for this day of wellness.

Meet Your Host


Hi! I'm Christina Vanvuren, Founder + CEO of Future of Femtech and your host for this Wellness & Self-Care Summit. I decided to create this because of my own desire for a more balanced, well life.

I'll be sharing more about my personal wellness journey soon. For now, keep reading to learn more about this incredible summit that's coming up on September 4, 2020. You will not want to miss this, promise.

The Details


Future of Femtech's Wellness & Self-Care Summit will run from 11am - 8pm EST on Friday, September 4, 2020 with a variety of presentations to choose from throughout the day.


Virtually anywhere - we have attendees and speakers from around the world.

What to Expect

You're going to be so thrilled with this awesome mix of curated content we've put together for you!

We'll have both pre-recorded and live keynotes, wellness sessions, classes, conversations, activations, opportunities for connection, and fun surprises running throughout the day.

Recordings of all the sessions will be available for 48 hours after the summit ends.

Connect Before, During, and After

What's a wellness summit without connection?

While we'll all be tucked away in our respective homes, there will be a private Facebook community where femtech and women's health leaders can engage, ask questions, share takeaways, and enjoy the company of others seeking more wellness in their lives.

Getting Even More Out of the Summit

Every part of the summit will give you actionable tools you can use to develop your own Wellness Action Plan. And if you want to even deeper and get even more out of the summit, you'll have the option to purchase the Wellness Power Up Kit after you register for your free summit ticket.

What Happens After the Summit?

We don't want to leave you hanging after the summit is over! Plus, we'll all be so connected and friendly that we won't want to say goodbye.

That's why we're opening (virtual) doors to the Future of Femtech community. You'll learn more about that toward the end of the summit so stay tuned.


What's different about this wellness & self- care summit?

It's true! There are a ton of wellness & self-care events out there and they are amazing. We're so grateful to live in a world where that's the norm, not the exception. And, to tell you the truth, we're not trying to out-do or compete with anyone else.

There will be some people who resonate with this summit and are thrilled to join.

There will be others who either don't feel ready to dive in to their wellness practice in this way or who simply aren't all that interested in what we're doing. That's ok! We still ❤️ you.

We fully trust that the people who are supposed to be at this summit will be.
Easy as that.

That said, here's our approach:

We want you to reap the benefits right away, so we're bringing you interactive wellness sessions and self-care workshops, with some truly outstanding talks that will leave you with actionable knowledge (you won't walk away thinking, "cool, but what do I actually do with this information?")

We actually do not want you to attend every session. Honestly, don't even try to because we have over 30 incredible speakers, teachers, and wellness practitioners so there's quite literally no possible way to see all the sessions in one day.

Wait, why would you encourage me not to see as many as possible? ← That's what you're thinking, isn't it? Here's why: this summit is not meant for you to pile more on top of your already overloaded plate. It's meant to be a day of nourishment, wellness, and self-care. Let it be that. Join us at the summit, go to the sessions you're most interested in, experience them deeply, and stash them in your wellness toolkit for later use.

FOMO? Try JOMO. That's joy of missing out. You cannot do it all in one day, so you might as well enjoy the sessions you're in, soak up all the goodness, and trust that you are exactly where you're supposed to be.

Ok, ok. I get it. You really want access to every. single. session. Your dream is reality, my friend. Every single session will be available for 48 hours after it goes live for free AND you'll have the opportunity to get in on a sweet deal that gets you lifetime access to all of the summit content, worksheets, bonuses, and more. But only after you've snagged your free ticket.


Before you check out our incredible speaker line up, a note about the upgrade option: I am going against every piece of marketing and sales advice I have ever received and promising you that you will not get less out of the summit if you don't upgrade your ticket. You won't get lifetime access or the bonuses, no, but I'm personally committed to ensuring that the upgrade is just that...an upgrade. For people who want to treat themselves or need more time to digest all the incredible content we've got in store, it's there.

If it's not for you, no stress - you'll still benefit just as much from the summit, be invited to join our attendee FB group, and have the opportunity to win cool wellness prizes.

(The upgrade is amazing, though, so check it out once you've grabbed your free ticket, ok? But seriously, no shame, no shade if it's not for you. You'll still absolutely love the summit.)

With gratitude,

The Speakers

Now for the part you've been waiting for.

The speakers, workshop hosts, and wellness experts we've curated for the Wellness & Self-Care Summit are leaders in their spaces, and are passionate about helping the leaders in women's health and femtech find their center, balance their lives, and find joy in the process.

Shara Raqs
Inventor & Creator of MUSE.CYCLES

Sarah Hosseini
Journal Therapist & Writer

Shannon Leon
Founder & Creator of VPack for Women

Shonna Chiles
Certified Crystal Therapist & Sensual Movement Practitioner, Owner of Cosmic Flora Crystals & ConfiDance Fitness

Julia Rose
CEO & Founder

Sarah Bisceglie
Workshop: Using Tarot as Self-Care

Jessica Korthuis
Founder and CEO, Sohuis (sō-house)

Emily F. Peters
CEO + Founder, Uncommon Bold
& Procedure Press

Janna Lozow
Mindfulness and Embodiment Coach

Jennifer Greenberg & Sarah Stefanski
Marigold Co-Founders


Zahara Jade, M.A.
Truth Catalyst™, Somatic Healer, &
Awakening Coach

Maggie Saunders
Certified Hypnotherapist + Subconscious Coach

Kathleen Sheffer

Hanna Gundrum
Muralist and Illustrator

Kavita Hundal
Co-Founder, Femality

De'Nicea Hilton, DOM, AP
Holistic PLAY Activator &
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Amrita Hundal, MD
Co-Founder, Femality

Lamia Pardo
Founder & CEO of Journify.co

More speakers announced soon!


It's time for you to…

- Create space for the balance you crave

- Use simple lifestyle changes to regain control of your health and wellness

- Activate new levels of energy and joy in your every day

- Make yourself a priority, because you deserve the care you give everyone else

- Meet others who, just like you, struggle to pour into themselves but have a deep desire to find nourishment that lasts

Join us at Future of Femtech's Wellness & Self-Care Summit.

We can't wait to hold (virtual) space for you.


You are worth the investment of time and energy to show up for yourself.